Monday, 27 October 2008


Hello peeps

Just come into say i'll be back making stuff in a few days, as you know msn has pulled another stroke and well, Iv'e been off making a new home for my group and paintballing. the effects of which i can only say are painfull lmao. i got bruises like you wouldn't believe, give em a few days i reckon they'll be physcadelic lol. I'll pick up all the awards when im back thankyou for them, I think ive got 6 in all over the past couple of weeks. yippee . does make me smile lol.

Gotta get to making some tuts too. Got a couple of exclusives to do too.. not enought time in the day is there?

catch you real soon, thankyou for all the shout outs gals
love ya
Sunf x

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