Sunday, 20 December 2009

Little bit of magic

Artwork suzanne woolcot here
Scrapkits used in tagsLine Designs:: (ptu) FantasyJofia :: (ptu) Under the apple tree I am You (ftu) :: Moninda Scrap Birdie Song (FTU) Urbanfairytales

This tag is intended to bring out your imagination
one of those that each time you make it its gonna be a little different
then any other tag you see.Why because it comes from you
.Choose your scrapkit
Look for something with a brushed effect or swirls, Flowing leaves or trailing hearts
anything infact that has alot of detail Things that stand out on a background.

Open a new image 500 by 500
Floodfill with colour of choice ,
This will be deleted later
Open your brushed layer/swirlsResize so it fits well within the confines of your image
(large scraps by at least 20%)& use the deform tool to help resize more
add a drop shadowChoose to place the larger shapes/Elements first
This will give you a better idea of where you want your smaller items to either
from behind or in front
To move inbetween layers in your layer palette highlight the piece you wish to moveand drag either up or down.Place the smaller bits and build up the tag untill your happy with the outcome.Add a drop shadow to each element to make it stand out from the other layers.

Choose a tube that compliments the colours
Place it offset to the cluster or inbetween layers.
If you want the tag a little smaller use the deform tool or the resizer crop away any excess surounding the tag
dont forget your copyright and
X out the coloured back and save as PNG

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Polar Playground

Artwork©Suzanne WoolcottYou can purchase suzannes work at gorjuss art Not to be used without a licence to do so.ScrapkitPolar Pals by DMK Designs Get it Here Animation Here

Open a new image 800 by 600
With your selection tool draw out a rectangle
Length Roughly 3/4 of the size of your Working image
Floodfill with white
Selections > Modify > Contract by 20 > Hit delete
Selections > Select None
Layers > Duplicate Click back to the original raster
Adjust > Hue & saturation > Hugh & SaturationLightness > -100

so the original is now black.
Adjust > Blur > gaussian Blur 1Merge visableEffects > Distortion effects > wave Horizontal Amplitude 1 Horizontal
Wavelength 41Vertical
Amplitude 1Vertical Wavelength 13
Image > Resize by 80%
Magic wand inside the frame you have made
Selections > Modify > Expand by 5Copy and paste a paper of choice as a new layer
Hit delete & drag that layer beneath your frame in your layer palette.
making your background scene

Resize the elements to your liking and then paste as new layers
Paste then in the order you wish them to show
i pasted the igloo , then the Wooden sign, trees then the polar bears.
After each element add hit delete to remove excess.
Once all your elements are added Selections > Select None

Click on the Wooden sign and add some text.
click onto the top layer in your layer palette
Start to add your Tube and elements that are outside of the framework.
Once happy add your copyrights & name
.At this point crop to remove excess white around the tag
Now x out all the top layers in your layer palette one by one untill you have hidden all above the frame & the frame.
Now merge visable what is left showingcopy and paste in AS as new animation

Hit CTRL L 19 times
So you now have 20 frames
Go back to Psp X out the bottom Layer and unhide the top layers

MergeVisble Copy & Take to AS paste as new animation
Hit CTRL L 19 timesSo you now have 20 frames again
Edit > Select all
Minimise these frames

Now open the snowfal animation
Edit > Select all
Drag the snow from the first frame across to your background scene
Place Inside the perimeter of your scene
Go back to the empty animation frames
Edit > Undo DragAnd Drag once more to fill the rest of your scene.
Now maximise your frame layers

From the first layer drag across to your scene frames
Place accordignly
Optimise wizard and save as

©Tutorial by Sunf of sunfindulgence any resemblence to any other tut is coincidental

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hello, Greetings ......

Hey all , thanks for the miss yous and stalkings and all those nice things lol, I been trying to shuffle my ass back into the habbit, getting a lil twinkling tho ha ha, hopefully sometime soon i may start to get some of my old tuts back online, and who knows next year maybe even a new one (Dont hold breath tho) its too dangerous! For now i just wanted to say a good buddy of mine has opened a new forum, No adverts so makes for a pleasant backdrop for your gorjuss work. Its Called Fantasy Reflections click and join, she needs lots of avid pspers and non pspers as well , Lorna will make you feel most welcome, she has a lot of enthusiamn and is looking to make this group a wonderful place to visit.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Eclipse Mini Kit

Ok this is a lil mini one, My Tv is broke lol, thats my excuse anyways actually its true too lol .
So i figured have a lil play but i aint feeling over creative so just a few bits n bobs in this one.
Also i figure best not give too much away incase you haven't read it, In which case i'll be good lol.

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Down LaPush Kit

I really wasnt sure about this kit , im not happy with it mainly as its a mix of something i was working on last month and something i had in my head regards the second book of the twilight saga New moon, dunno if it came to fruition lol. So i did a tag i liked it, did an LO i liked it so that made my mind up to share rather then bin it. Theres some cool frames if nothing else takes your fancy. So preview below, Download Here

A couple of tags both snaggable , feel free to add your name if you wish to

Friday, 10 April 2009

LO & 2 Tutorials

Started off making a tag and ended up making a Lo lol, yes obsessed , my hubby is raising an eyebrow as i type lmao

The tag above was made for me by MzPimptress ty matey, She has done a Tutorial called Our Meadow Here . MzP is also a huge twilight fan and has some fabulous bits on her blog here.

This next tag above is one from Kirsty fabulous tut writer at Kirstys Keepsakes,
This is from a tutorial called Be Safe
Thankyou for my wicked tag Kirsty .
The tag is actually animated unfortunately blogger is not been kind to me today and not letting it post correctly .