Friday, 7 November 2008

Veronicas Wish

First tut for site this Month, Have been so busy lately, it's taken me a while to get me self back in the swing lol. Anyways this tags made with a kit called Veronica.
Of course its by one of my fav kit makers Scraps by Jessica
Enjoy xx
Artwork©Zindy NielsonYou can purchase Zindys work at ZindyZone Not to be used without a licence to do so.Scrap kit Veronica by Scraps by Jessica
Open a new image 800 by 600Floodfill with whiteOpen the textured frameresize by 90%paste onto working imageadd a dark drop shadowOpen the white frameResize by 80%Paste onto working image on top of the textured frameOpen stalk 1 & resize by 80%paste onto working image add a drop shadow.Place just in the frame (outside of)
Open buckle 2with the deform tool resize it downand rotate it slightly.Paste in the top right hand corneron the framewith the erase tool take away a small piecethats over the button.Now with the selection tool set on rectangleDraw a square within the boundry of the white frameOpen a paper of choice and paste as a new layerDrag this layer beneath the framesin your layer paletteSelections > Invert & hit deleteOpen your tube of choicepaste as a new layer & place to your likinghit delete againNow were going to build up some elements on the outside of the frame so click onto your top layerin your layer paletteOpen some flowers/Elements of choiceresize with the deform tool if neceserrydon't forget to add drop shadows to each new addTry colurizing down to grey a couple of the elements you addtoo add some contrast between the colours.Open the large bow and roate it left resize down with the deform tooland paste to working imgeadjust the size to suit.Crop around the tag and resize to your likingAdd copyrights and nameFor the namechoose the two prodominent colours in your tagbrighter colour on the outersideStoke 2 on text widthRotate it and add a drop shadowX out your white background and save as PNG

©Tutorial by Sunf of sunfindulgence any resemblence to any other tut is coincidental

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