Saturday, 8 November 2008

Quote Challenge

Ive been Challenged by me mate Butter
This is my quote, it's from jeff Durhams show
With me old fav Achmed lol
so im gonna work on this one later today
"If i'm dead, that means i get my 72 virgins... are you my virgins!? I hope not!"

the Rules of The Challenge
.1. Choose someone to challenge with a quote.
2. With that Quote the challenger all for fun of course must use the quote to make a tag/tut or new scrapkit.
3. When they have completed there challenge All they have to do is post it on there blog and pick the next person to play the challenge and then pop over to there blog and let them know.Easy and Simple
I Quote Challenge Lorna of Simply Sensational Scraps
your Quote
" I love blinking I do !"

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