Sunday, 20 December 2009

Little bit of magic

Artwork suzanne woolcot here
Scrapkits used in tagsLine Designs:: (ptu) FantasyJofia :: (ptu) Under the apple tree I am You (ftu) :: Moninda Scrap Birdie Song (FTU) Urbanfairytales

This tag is intended to bring out your imagination
one of those that each time you make it its gonna be a little different
then any other tag you see.Why because it comes from you
.Choose your scrapkit
Look for something with a brushed effect or swirls, Flowing leaves or trailing hearts
anything infact that has alot of detail Things that stand out on a background.

Open a new image 500 by 500
Floodfill with colour of choice ,
This will be deleted later
Open your brushed layer/swirlsResize so it fits well within the confines of your image
(large scraps by at least 20%)& use the deform tool to help resize more
add a drop shadowChoose to place the larger shapes/Elements first
This will give you a better idea of where you want your smaller items to either
from behind or in front
To move inbetween layers in your layer palette highlight the piece you wish to moveand drag either up or down.Place the smaller bits and build up the tag untill your happy with the outcome.Add a drop shadow to each element to make it stand out from the other layers.

Choose a tube that compliments the colours
Place it offset to the cluster or inbetween layers.
If you want the tag a little smaller use the deform tool or the resizer crop away any excess surounding the tag
dont forget your copyright and
X out the coloured back and save as PNG

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