Thursday, 2 October 2008


I have a questionaire from Lorna spanks gurty .

1.How long have you been using PSP ? I lost track exactly but around 4 maybe more yrs lol
2. How did you get into making tags, scrapkits? I started playing an online game, met some peeps and joined a forum.I was in awe at the graphics there and went in search of places i could learn.Thats how i met msn lol
.3. Who`s your fave artist? Well everyone knows im a woolcott nut, but i like martin Abel , Pin up toons, that sort of thing.
4.Who`s your faveourite Scrap Designer? ooh im a fan of Jofia's work, but i admire them all much respect!!
5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday? Soxsational Scraps, ButterflyFlutterbyCreations and Scraps by Jessica , to name just three lol
Im Passing On The Questionare To
Mari at Cashmere Creations
Divvy at Divs this & That
Chas at Chas ScrapinBits

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