Thursday, 30 October 2008

From Wonderland to Sunfindulgence

As most of you will know i run an MSN group called Wonderland.
As msn has decided to close groups come February I have decided to move over to ProBoards.
The New Forum is named after the tut site and opens its doors on the 1st of November.
The Forum will be home to Exclusive tutorials by My self and Soxsational Creations.
We have dialy tutorial threads with all the latest tuts hot off the press, Fabulous Members even if i do say so my self. a great community all in all. So if you fancy popping by
we look forward to seeing you.
Now Open and thriving come along and check it out

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Bethe said...

AOL has closed it's "Journal's" as well and 1,00's have had to come to Blog Spot. A nimber of them taggers'a & scrap kit collector's. Love your "Spot" here.