Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Answering a Question

Hi all, I recieved an email this morning, asking me why thier are no bows and such in the lil mini kits i do. The email was very nice and complimentary. So i just want to say to the authur thankyou for that. So heres my answer... Basically everything i have shared on the blog is made in psp by myself. thier are no ribbons, or butterflys that sort of thing because they are made from various actions and other photoshop gadgets which i do not own. Thats not to say they can not be made in psp and i will endevour to try lol . Paintshoppro is a totally different programme to Photoshop and it's not one i can honestly say i will be trying. I love my psp and i find messing with it very relaxing. i know my way around it pretty much, im a lazy begger regards learning a whole new thing lol. and lets face it we have enough fantastic digital scrappers out there hey. Plus i think if i were to go down the photoshop route , been the person i am it would skint me in a big way. im already a tube/scrap hoe lol. hubby would have a fit lmao.
So i hope this answers you to some extent. keep enjoying the bits i do share wont ya

thankyou for the lovely email
Sunf x

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