Friday, 8 August 2008


Never really followed that saying , but this week, i am feeling it lol. Had a great start to the month, got some nice work out i think (lol) seems some others aint so keen but each to thier own. Tis so easy to get into it with faceless people, sometimes you have to sit back and think why the hell bother? (getting into it i mean) Pointless really when ya think about it pmsl. So had a couple of days out this week just to kick back and chill. hence TGIF. Tis me Best Net friends bothday tomorrow, Now we had a a few blues in our time i can tell ya but its worth it with someone you give a toss about isnt it, because ya get to be friends even after you've disagreed lol. Any hoo looking forward to getting some psp mojo going this weekend. Actually have discovered im quite addicted to these page things, i could literally change it once a day lmao.
Wondering if chanin got her page up? lemme know gal , would love to see!! anyhoo off to me woodchips...another story

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