Wednesday, 29 October 2008

12 New Awards

Another one lol
Woiw cant tell ya gob smacked this week with these awards lol
Thankyou Rachel of Scraps of Enchantment or should i say Spooks lol
I have to pass this one on too, but i will be back with who im passing it to later

This Award has been given to me by 8 people Teresa , Lei , Sox , Darla , Bluebird , Bits & Bobs , Trish & Denny
Thankyou so much ladies, Very appreciated this award is.
The rules for this one is to say 7 things that I love and then pass it on to 7 people...

Love my Family
Love My Online hobbies & Places
Love having friends all around the world
Love seeing something new and exciting
Love getting dressed up to the nines
Love the smell of fresh bread in a morning
Love the suddon quietness on a night when the kids go to bed lol.

Passing this award to

Other awards gioven to me over the past weeks
(I like to save em up see)
Butter, Tammy , Vyabs
And this New one from Mariel
Thankyou gals xx


IB said...

awwww thank you!!!!
And u totally deserve those awards!

Denny said...

Hi Sunf,
There is another award on my blog for you as well!
Hugz, Denny