Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Lil tutorial made with another beautiful kit Aqua Rebel by
Artwork Suzanne WoolcottYou can purchase Suzannes work at Gorjuss art Not to be used without a licence.Scrapkit Aqua Rebel by Scraps by Jessica
You can purchase the kit on Jessicas blogTemplate 6 by me at Urban Fairytales
Open the template and remove the copyright layerWith your magic wand , click on the oblong layerSelections> Invert copy and paste the paper of choiceHit delete and select noneadd a dark drop shadowNow click on the Bar layerMagic wand in side the first barThen holding down the shift keyclick in the 3rd.5th and 7th BarPaste a paper of choice Selections Invert & Hit deleteSelections > select none
Click back onto the bar layerHolding down the shift magic wand in Bars 2,4 and 6Selectons > InvertPaste a different paperand hit delete
Now click onto the bar layer in your Layers paletteSelect all > Float > Defloat > InvertOpen your tube of choicePaste as a new layerDrag above the paper layers in your layer palette(Highlightedleft click and drag up)Hit delete once positioned to your liking.Open the large bow Image > Rotate clockwiseImage > MirrorPosition to likingadd a drop shadowOpen the flowing bow and the dragonflyPaste each as a new layerUse the deform tool to resize each accordinglyadd a drop shadow to each Now click on the background layer and add the doodle underneath the frame workAgain use the deform tool to resize and positionAdd a drop shadowAdd your copyright Now click on the botom baradd your nameX out the background layerand save as png

©Tutorial by Sunf of sunfindulgence any resemblence to any other tut is coincidental

Another version of this tut
with a scrap kit called Jungle fever

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